Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Men In My Life...

I am beyond blessed to have some of the world's most amazing men in my life.
True gentlemen.
They are men who are kind, and funny, and loving and generous, and well, amazing.
Each of them is selfless and giving.
And it all began with the example set by this guy...
My dad.
He truly lived the quote by Reverend Hesburgh 'The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother'.
He adored my mother.
He adores us.
Its pretty darn wonderful living life knowing that no mater what happens, that this incredible man will stand by you and love you...maybe not agreeing with what you have done, but loving you none-the-less.

Then there is my brother, Danny.
He also adores his wife.
And me :) When we were little he called me 'Ishy', because he couldn't say 'Kirsty'. He used to go to volleyball with my mum while I was at school. While he was there mum would buy him a little bag of lollies...which he would save for me :)
He is amazing. Last year, when mum was sick he drove from Canberra to Charter's Towers in 2 days.
After mum's funeral, when Nat broke her collar bone, he drove me home. No questions asked. Just jumped in the car and drove.
He also lost 50kg last year...AMAZING!
His wife is amazing too. I like that he married a shopping buddy for me ;)
I also like that they are about to make me an aunty for the first time :D

And I like that he buys me funny christmas presents. This year he bought me a life sized cardboard cut-out of Edward. He had been chuckling to himself for months about this one.

And then my baby brother Kimmy.

He has a great wife too, whom he adores.

He loves my kids, and plays with them for hours on end.
He is generous and loving and funny :)
I was 10 when he born. So I really remember him growing up. He was super cute with his blonde ringlets and cuteness :)
He is gentle..
So gentle in fact that he keeps a rubber glove by the back door to catch the frogs before they suicide in his pool.

I don't think he kisses each one before he releases them though...

And then there is Mick.

I don't know the words to describe how amazing he is.
He loves me.
He spent the hottest part of this week painting my craft room.
He picks me flowers.
He is generous and loving and giving.

And he is an amazing father.
Then, there is my Sammy.

He fights with me about how he loves me more than I love him.
He holds open doors for ladies and says 'ladies first'.
He snuggles me at any given opportunity

And he does a killer bomb dive!
I hope that every woman is as blessed as I am.


Josie Dean said...

Beautiful Kirsty!

danndel said...

Love your update its all so true:o) I have to say that I feel truly blessed that I get to be your sister in law, I married into an amazing family, I love that I can honestly tell people that I love my In-Laws :o)

:) Tiff said...

I really hope the menfolk read what you have written. I do believe you are a super lucky lady because not all men folk are like the ones in your life. I love mine and wouldn't trade them for the world, but painting your craft room.... I'm so envious....{I don't really have a craft room, I use our business office which fits in two tables and a little bar fridge... the later is essential :O) }

take care mate!!

Kate said...
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Kate said...

how lucky are you kirst to be surrounded by such wonderful and handsome men in your life :) xoxox

.olga. said...

You are very lucky to have them and they are very lucky to have you! :)

Kerryn said...

You do have some very special men in your life indeed!!! Lots of good role models for young Sam.

Karen Shady said...

You have such a wonderful way of expressing your feelings Kirsty... Your family are very lucky to have you too :)
I wanted to thank you for the awesome comments about my weight loss.... Nerrida and I are organising a bit of a weight loss challenge, with scrappy prizes, so if you know of anyone who would like to shed a few kilos, send them my way :) have a wonderful day

Hill St Friend said...

Always great to read your blogs, being special brings special people around you xx

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Blog Kirsty. You really are a gifted person. I hope you never lose that special insight. God bless you and your family. Love Barb.

kathie said...

Aww :). I loved reading this post.