Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kraft it up!

I managed to get this month's challenge for Kraft it up done today.
Yes, I should have been studying. Yes, there is washing to be done. Yes, the floor is filthy LOL
I don't care!
I had fun ;)
This month's challenge was to incorporate the saying 'there is no greater gift than today' into your LO (using a Kraft base of course).
As soon as I read that quote, I knew that I wanted to use these photos. These were taken the weekend before we found out that mum was sick.
The past 9 months are divided up into two times for me....the time before and the time after mum got sick and died.
At the time these photos were taken I truly had no idea what a gift that day was.
A last fun, carefree family time before I disappeared up north and my life changed.

The Kraft envelope has journalling inside explaining the reason for the title.

I had no idea this day that mum was even sick. We packed up the kids
and drove to Mount Perry for lunch. At the time we were disappointed that the
restaurant was closed, but I look back now, and think about what a fun,
special time it was. I feel that mum's sudden illness and death has changed me
forever. I still don't feel the same as I did 'before'.

Mum's death truly made me realise that this life we have, every day we
have, is a gift. Not to be wasted. Who's to know when it will be our last happy

We should tell people that we love them. We should fill our days with
happiness and fun, and people who matter.

Truly, 'there is no greater gift than today'

And, I promise that the wonkiness is the fault of the photographer...the title is straight!!! ;)
I really wish i could take better photos of my LOs!
Thanks to Lauren for the gorgeous Graphic 45 papers!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Jasmine S said...

I am glad that the housework waited because this is just divine. I just love the placement of everything from the pics to the embellies.
I too love this range of papers.
Your story and journaling is very touching. Hopefully time will help you too.

Lisa K said...

this is just beautiful - and the housework wont last but this will!!!

danndel said...

Love you and totally agree on the house work, my grandfather always said never do today what you can put off until tomorrow :-)

Trudi Harrison said...

Divine Kirsty - just divine!

Lauren said...

Wow! Love the paint and the sentiment behind this layout. Totally gorgeous as always. xx

Felicity said...

um... you have done it again Kirsty!! That page is ace and has so much meaning behind it. GORGEOUS :)) x

Heather Jacob said...

absolutely love this ..... colours, design, embellies, paint, pics . most of all it is full of love and emotion ...wonderful .. hugz x

Ms Howell said...

I love you.

Kylie said...

lots of distressing...and lots of textures that i can see and love

Hill St Friend said...

Your words are so true,we just don't no what's around the corner, and we live with would have's, could have's and should have's. Hugs x

Cathy said...

So stunning Kirsty.. the paint work looks fab and your photos are gorgeous.. love how you have used the pp's and thanks for sharing the thoughts about the meaning of your beautiful page! :)

Monica said...

This layout is just stunning!! So much work has gone into it, it's beautiful :0)

Karen Shady said...

such a beautiful layout Kirsty... and such beautiful journalling. We all need to think of life in this way... without all the tragedy you have been through to get to that point.

Oh, and congrats on the 'kraft it up win :)' very well deserved