Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nan's Favourites

This month KasiCraft released two gorgeous collections. Bubblegum Hills, and Nan's Favourites. I have to admit, I fell a little in love with Nan's Favourites. I just love the slightly muted reds, greens and yellows. I love the patterns that look like my grandma's couch.
My first project was this free-standing recipe book.
The recipe cards from the collection are gorgeous, and made this project easy! Each card is laminated for easy clean up (I am SUCH a messy cook!)
I also made this cute little card...already used I am pleased to say!

And this LO of my gorgeous girly :)

I was a bit thrifty with this one, and cut one of my last remaining doilies in half so that it could appear twice on the page :)

I love these doilies!

Some kitschy cute cards...

with a cheeky twist! (surely you also need sugar to make lemonade? tequila seems much more appropriate ;))

Thanks for stopping by!
Happy Sunday!


Krissy said...

Stunning work as always lovely!

hehehe love that card sentiment :D

Krissy xx

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Love it all soooo pretty !! xx Tina

Kerryn said...

These are fabulous projects Kirsty!!!

Kim said...

these are fabulous Kristy...I love the way you have presented the recipee holder , looks fab!

:) Tiff said...

lol. I see you in the reflections.

lovely work chicky dee.

hilde janbroers said...

fabulous projects!!!!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Hi Kirsty :) :) Thanks for stopping by again and I love your projects, GORGEOUS!

Jasmine S said...

Awesome work Kirsty. You have worked the papers perfectly.

.olga. said...

Oh how pretty! I love that recipe card collection project!