Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The 2nd of March is a special day in our family.
It celebrates the arrival of two very special people.
My mum, and my Nat.
Yep. I cleverly gave birth to mum's first grandchild on Mum's birthday. I'm just cool like that ;)
So, understandably, this year, I am approaching the 2nd of March with such a jumble of emotions. I am trying so very hard to be excited for my big girl who is thrilled to be turning 10, but I am so so sad to be facing the day which SHOULD be celebrating the life of another amazing person.
I felt as if mum and her and Nat's special together day needed to be honored in some way this year. I didn't want anything maudlin, or sad, I don't want Nat's day to be marred by my sadness.
It came to me one night...
Mum loved jewellery. Nat is starting to love jewellery, and it has a certain permanance to it.

So I got her a locket.
Engraved on the back is what mum and Nat used to call themselves 'Twinny sames'.

And inside, a picture of the two gorgeous birthday girls.

I hope she treasures it for forever.
Please, if you are the praying kind, keep my family in your prayers tomorrow. Its going to be a tough day.


Kate said...

LOVE it!!!
happy birthday to both beautiful girls, remember the good times babe xo

Pauline said...

Kirsty what a beautiful gift to give to your daughter. Have a happy birthday Natalie.

Felicity said...

o Kirst that is truly special gift to give.
Its also my grandad brithday and my hubby grandad birthday tomorrow too.. so I will be thinking of you lots

danndel said...

What a beautiful gift, I know that Nat will love it :o)

Kerryn said...

oh love that is just beautiful. I'm sure your Nat will treasure it.

.olga. said...

That is a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Nat!! The locket is just beautiful. What a lovely birthday gift. My thoughts have been with your family all day!!Take care Kirsty. You and your amazing family are very special!! Love Suey

Anonymous said...

Hope Nat had a great birthday. I loved the gift. My thoughts were with you and your mum whom I would have called to wish Happy Birthday however I am sure she was listening so I wished her a Happy Birthday anyway. Love Barb.

Hill St Friend said...

Well done, young lady,your not just a pretty face, your Mum would be so proud, hugs xx