Saturday, June 25, 2011

Its official!

I got notice this week, that I have officially graduated uni with a Bachelor of Education (Primary).
I am so relieved that it is over.
And call me crazy, but already thinking about my next course of study...
Maybe once my family recover from this one ;)

I got a phone call from our local mechanic/courier guy on Wednesday.
The conversation began with "do you got a boyfriend in Bundaberg?"
I was intrigued.
And of course answered "yep"
"well" says he, "I got some pretty flowers here for you. They aren't opened up fully yet, but when they do, they'll be beautiful. I'm gonna keep them here in my office until you get here".

Fair enough.
I think to get the full giggle value from this, you'd need to see this guy.
He's one of the least likely guys you would expect would describe flowers as beautiful.

I went down straight away and got my not-yet-fully-opened-flowers.

And they ARE beautiful :)
My brother, his wife and my nephew sent them to me as a congrats for graduating :)
This is the brother who sent me flowers on valentines day the first year I moved out of home 23 hours drive from my family.
He's a bit nice is my brother :)


Krissy Christie said...

Massive congrats lovely!! Those flowers are beautiful, what an awesome brother and hehehe love the story behind the courier too :)

Big {{huggles}}

Krissy xx

Lauren said...

Huge congrats for finishing your course!! What a fantastic achievement Mrs Piper!! ;)

You have one very thoughtful brother too - those flowers are just gorgeous! (And LOL at the courier man. ;))

danndel said...

Yeah, I think your brother is rather nice too, LOL ;o)

:) Tiff said...

awesome news. now you can add the extra letters after your name!!!!!!!!!!

you are awesome!

Teresa said...

Congratulations on graduating!
And both the flowers and your brother are lovely.

Lis said...

Big congrats to you how excting!! What a lovely brother to do that for you :)

Alanna said...

WOOHOO!!! A massive congratulations Kirsty! They are indeed beautiful flowers :)

Toni said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kirst!! Rod and I are very proud of you. Well done!! Suey

Anonymous said...

Congratulations your mum would be so proud of what you have achieved.
Plus you also have a special talent with your scrapbooking so never let that go; continue to keep up the great work.
Love Barb

Hill st friend said...

Wow... your finished! Congrats, survived through a very sad year, you must be very proud of yourself...hugs

Anonymous said...

Wow yah to you ! that must be a massive relief good on ya xx