Tuesday, June 21, 2011

KaiserCraft And Glue Arts!

This week, the KaiserCraft DT were given some gorgeous Glue Arts products to play with!Now, I am a big fan of their Pro Glider already.
I used to be a DS tape girl, but this? SO much quicker and easier!

Heeee...this is me!
Yeah. I used to be super cute!
And some close ups...cause you couldn't see all the glitter in the full shot ;)
I loves me some glitter!
And LOVE this Pink Gelato range. I can't get enough!!
Actually...there is a new range coming up...its called Bonjour, and I am IN LOVE. Can't wait to share that one with you...but shhhhh...you didn't hear about it here ;)


Kate said...

great page kirst!!!

sharon said...

oh man, if you were back in the classroom I so know you would have the kids using glitter all of the time and they would adore you (well my girls would, they are not of the opinion that less is more, especially with glitter. Is officially banned at home!)

Kerryn said...

oh no fair! You aren't allowed to tease us old teamers with the new collections ;).

this is a gorgeous page Kirsty!!

TRACEY O said...

Another pretty layout. Great work Kirsty.