Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Baby Sis

I probably haven't mentioned this yet, but my baby sis is getting married :)
In December.
(I got a bit of a reminder last week, that my family still read my blog looking for updates...not crapbooking LOL)
I have been very excited for my sis, but also a bit worried.
See, I didn't really know the guy she was marrying.
I've *met* him twice-briefly. I follow him on Twitter. We are friends on Facebook (well, we were until I got all weird and deactivated my account). But I hadn't really spent any time with him.
They also have had a bit of a whirlwind courtship ;)
Its not that I don't completely trust my sister's judgement. But, you know?

My *worries* changed this weekend.

Friday night I was all cosied up in bed with my book, when there was a loud pounding on the front door.
I bravely sent my husband to open it, and there was my sister Amy and her fiancee Tones! 8 hours from home. They had come up to spend the long weekend with us as a surprise!
Now this weekend was cold. Saturday it didn't get above 10C. So we all stayed at home. Just hanging out, drinking cuppas and chatting.
It was very boring for them I'm sure. But it was great.
My sister is marrying a wonderful man.
He is gentle and patient and kind and generous.
He spent time getting to know my kids, and he bought his PlayStation with him so they could have fun with that too.
He treats my sister like a princess.

As mum was dying, my sister asked her to have a word to God about where her Prince Charming was.

I think mum had that word, and she got God to send this man just for Amy :)
They truly are a special couple :)


Kerryn said...

awww that's just beautiful. for so many reasons.

Felicity said...

ooh Kirsty, that is one beautiful post. so heartfelt.
sooOooOOo nice of them to travel all that way to see you.. sounds like the BEST long weekend :))

Sweet Tea said...

I love a sweet love story. So happy your fears have been relieved and you can REALLY give your sister your blessing as she marries. I love it when the family gets bigger by adding someone wonderful into the fold. Sounds like your kido's are gonna have a wonderful new Uncle!

Kate said...

how exciting Kirst!!! i love how spontaneous your family is and i think Tones is going to fit right in with your lovely family kirst xox

Kim said...


HarmonySweetpea said...

Such a beautiful thing to say about your sister and her soon to be hubby.

LISA said...

Such a wonderful thing knowing your mom had that wonderful conversation with God. And the answer is like a gift all the way from heaven..How very special. My dear MIL passed away this past March. I miss her dearly and know just how you feel. Your next post bought tears to my eyes. I know how much you miss your mum.They say it gets easier, but certain things that evoke vivid memories is very hard. Just always keep her in your heart. Thats where she will always be...

Tanya Tahir said...

I couldn't post to your above post but Kirsty, big big big hugs my beautiful friend. Your post brought tears to my eyes. I just cannot imagine!

p.s I may be the enabler but you will thank me for it, I promise you that! ;)

AJ said...

He's a good egg!!! I can't wait to marry him! I'll marry him good!! Haha!!