Sunday, June 26, 2011

School Dress Up Day :)

Traditionally, on the last day of term 2, the kid's school hosts a book themed dress-up day. Now usually I am fairly organised, and order/plan costumes in advance. This year however, the last day of term was very sneaky and arrived before I really had a chance to think!
Our costumes were thrown together in a hurry, but the kids were happy and had lots of input...which is the whole idea I think!
Sam really wanted to go as a character from the Emily Rodda series of books Deltora Quest (his and Charlotte's new passion)
So we threw together a 'Leaf' costume (the jewelled belt of Deltora is under his jumper...*sigh* Why did I bother burning off all of my finger tips making it??)
Charlotte was happy with her cobbled together Hermione (Harry Potter) costume :)
And Nat loved her Where's Wally costume!
Three happy kids and one happy mummy are now blissfully on holidays!!!


Julie said...

Yay for holidays Kirsty. We have a week or so to go yet.

Tanya Tahir said...

aw they are so cute! Congratulations on graduating uni too - that is a huge achievement, well done! xx

Lis said...

They look so cute, thats one part of my boys being older now that I really miss.

Kerryn said...

They look brilliant Kirsty!!!! I'm loving Where's Wally :D.

And congratulations on the "official" word on graduating uni. A fantastic achievement!!!

Kate said...

hehehe they look fabulous!!!

danndel said...

They look awesome!!!

Karen Shady said...

WOW !!!! all that at such short notice... what a brilliant Mummy... wheres Wally is just way too cute :)

And A HUGE congrats on graduating !!!

Krissy Christie said...

SO super cute and getting so grown up!

Krissy xx