Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Some More Chapter One!

Still loving this collection!
I took about a trillion photos on one of trips down to Ballina, so I thought I'd make a mini for the kids to flick through and enjoy :)
I love how the colours in this collection work so well with bright summery photos.
I kept the embellishing fairly simple..don't want to be distraught when the kids ruin it ;)
And managed to get a fair few photos inside here!

I also love how this collection pops when a little bit of black is used.
A LO about my charming son and his quest to ruin any chances of getting a good photo *sigh*
I tried to take some snaps the other week and he pulled faces and bounced around. I asked him "what are you doing?" He replied"Trying to ruin the perfect shot"
Those exact words.

The photos where he hadn't disappeared under the water? The girls were laughing so hard I thought they would bust something. LOL
Thanks for stopping by!


Kerryn said...

Just a trillion? ;).

I love this idea and it looks absolutely fabulous!!

Janna Werner said...

Hey Kirsty. Two wonderful projects! I love the colours you uesed and all the little details. So much fun to look at! TFS and ahve a lovely weekend, Janna

Mrs Frizz said...

The Chapter One collection is absolutely fabulous - love all the colours in it and your creations are stunning.

Samantha said...

Oh so stunning! love how you have used this collection!