Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Boy vs Backyard.

I may have mentioned before, that my kids are absolutely obsessed with Man vs Wild (in fact just putting this pic on my blog brought them all running to check out what I was looking at Bear Grylls on the computer for LOL) My mother was horrified by the kids obsession. I think she objected to the eating of animals. Admittedly, not my favourite part of the show LOL

Anyways, watching the show has inspired The Boy.
I got home from work the other day to find this in my back yard.

A Bear Grylls inspired possum trap. 'Primed' (A direct quote from The Boy himself. Stolen by himself from Bear HIMself LOL) with a mango for bait.
What self respecting possum could resist???

Sadly. All possums could resist.
He was devastated.
For a minute.
Then like a good survivalist, he dusted off his hands, and built another trap.
I'm thinking I am going to have to go outside tonight and nibble on an underripe mango and leave some sort of possum type disturbances around.
(P.S. How proud am I of my husband for taking these awesome action shots of the trap building??? Warms a scrapbookers heart!)


Krissy Christie said...

Awww how cute is that!

hehe I cant watch that chow because of the animal eating lol

Krissy xx

Anonymous said...

Hey there Kirsty and Happeeee New Year to you!!! Better late than never right? LOL. I really love your last lot of layouts, the book paper makes me want to scrap RIGHT NOW, you have such a special style, Tiff :):):)

lagirl/sweettea said... cute. Your little guy is such a "man"!

Felicity said...

I cant wait for my boy to do things like this and bring a HUGE smile to our faces.

Kerry said...

oh wow my girls love that show too. mind you they havent built any traps yet.............that I know of LOL