Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday Faves!

This week I realised how MUCH I love Google. I realised several time this week in fact! The first time was when I was helping Charlotte do her homewrok. They had to write 4 facts about Australia. I had had a loooong day, and all I could think of was that Australia was discovered in 1788.
So we googled, and cam up with three more AMAZING facts! Thanks Google!
The 2nd time was when I was using our work search engine yesterday to try and help a customer with a query. Its horrible. Doesn't look for items that MAY be related. Must have everything spelled correctly, words must be in the right order. Its horrible. I missed Google yesterday. I missed it cause after searching for 20mins I STILL couldn't find what I needed. And the [poor customer was still waiting.
P.S. If you 'google' Google, you WON'T break the internet. Contrary to popular belief! LOL
I love my electric toothbrush. My teeth feel SO clean after using it!
Hah! I had a Sumo wrestler show up randomly on my doorstep today!
My friend Claire drove 8 hours to dress up in this suit and surprise me! SOOOOO funny! She stayed for a couple of hours then went home...wish she could have stayed longer! The kids have made her promise to come back for a movie night :)
I am also loving my new 'wall'. I am slowly trying to make my house into a home. and I figure I will do it one spot at a time.

My new favourite wall now has the gorgeous 1m high canvas that my hubby got me for Christmas and my wall art. I love just need to do the rest of the room LOL
Have a great weekend friends!


:) Tiff said...

Google is a girls best friend. Even my 7 year old tells me, 'google it Mum'. dont need dictoranries or encyclopedias anymore. and ooooo the wall art is lovely and with a canvas too. you lucky thing. you do have a wonderful hubby. does he do training seminars for other 'wanna be wonderful' hubbies. ;O)

pink4u said...

Your Blog is so PRETTY!!! I LOVE the new look.
You have a very funny friend!!!! Seriously...I can't stop laughing..she looks so cute!!
How is your new puppy doing?
Have a great weekend my friend!
Joanie :)

kate said...

gorgeous kirst! love the wall and your friend is sooo nice doing that for you. what a sweetheart xo