Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Faves!

Oh wow, looks like this year is going to fly by as quickly as last year!!! Another Friday?!?!
#1 fave this week is nana naps...with Mick having been home with us since Christmas, I have managed to have a Nana nap more days than not LOL Soooo good! #2 is my puppy. I am trying to enjoy every silly thing she does, every cute little noise she makes and her nice puppy smell, but it is FLYING by!!! She is already so much bigger than when we first got her!

#3 My gas hot water system. Perhaps living without hot water for several weeks made this even more amazing, but I am loving having limitless hot water!

#4 The movie 'Up'. Such a sweet start and such a cute story!!

#5 Seeing my hubby and the kids spending a HEAP of time together these holidays! They have been bike riding every day, swimming, and built Lego cities that stun and amaze! Basically we have all just loved having him around and all of the extra family time it has given us...a real gift :)

Have a great weekend!


Kerry said...

love your friday faves. such a cute puppy :D

:) Tiff said...

lol. Bear's a bit easy on the eye too. And gotta love the possum trap. thats just awesome.

:) Tiff said...

whoopsie. wrong comment on wrong post. lol.

and nana naps are a very important tool.(at least thats what I tell myself)


danndel said...

I love UP too!!

Krissy Christie said...

Love your faves Kirsty!

That piccie of your hubby and your peeps is fandabbydosey :)

Krissy xx

Sarah Lou said...

Oh I agree with all of them, esp the hot water ( we are going on week 3 with none!)

lagirl/Sweeet Tea said...

Having an appreciative heart is such a GREAT thing. Loved reading this. BTW, your Puppy is adorable and your Family is cute-beyond-words. You are blessed!