Sunday, January 31, 2010


Its raining! This poor man here Has worked hard and long all week. There has been a big ole bushfire raging, and that means he leaves for work at 6am and gets back home any time between 9pm and midnight. Filthy.
And last night after getting home from battling the fire for Queensland Park and Wildlife services, his fire brigade pager went off. A tractor had caught fire. So he was off again.
Today brought some much needed rain, which means he has been home ALL day. And even managed to squeeze in a nap!

Remember this cute ball of fluff?

Yeah, not so cute any more....she was struggling with the QLD summer heat in that fur coat, so i took her to the vets for a trim....

And thats what happened.
She looks like a geriatric chihuaha.
Mick tells me that every girl needs a bad hair cut in her life.
I am guessing this is hers...we are probably going to invest in clippers of our own after this LOL surely our novice work can't be any worse???

I am eagerly awaiting this in the mail from Wicked Princesses...fingers crossed that it arrives tomorrow!?

And I have been chosen to stay on the Scrap The Girls Creative Team for the next 6 months! I am so excited!!! I love the girly girl challenges and seeing what everyone else does with the criteria! Thanks for asking me to stay on Kate!
And a sneaky at my LO for this month...look on the Scrap The Girls blog tomorrow for the criteria reveal for Feb!

And one more random rambly *thing*
Sam got in the car on Friday after prep, pumping his fists and jumping around...he told me excitedly "Mr Rowell (principal) said we had been SO good that we can have two whole days at home"
The girls (sophisticated women of the world that they are LOL) rolled their eyes and said "thats called the WEEKEND Sam"
Have a great week my lovely friends, and thanks for stopping by!


Linda said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, Kristy :)

Huge congrats to you too - looking forward to seeing your work over the coming months!

LOL @ your poor little pooch - at least she will be a bit cooler though :)

Linda said...

ooops, I mean Kirsty.
Sorry about that (blush)

kate said...

congrats kirst!!! lol @ the doggy :D enjoy the kit!! krissy has amazing kits!

Kerryn said...

LOL at your poor dog! YAY for the rain. Congrats on staying on at STG, the sneaky looks very yummy!

PMSL at Sam, don't you love their innocence :D.

Krissy Christie said...

LOL poor puppy!Bet she feels alot better now though :)

*hurry up postie* lol I posted it last week so hopefully it will be in tomorrows post Kirsty :)

Yay for the rain :D

That weekend story is totally scrappable ;-)

Krissy xx

:) Tiff said...

that is one bad haircut. dont show the poor thing a mirror will you. Dog boutiques may seem expensive but they do a much much better job than that.
How does Mick do it. Kym's knackered after coming home from CFS call outs (CFA I think where you are) and going out on another call is a bit much. Feel for him.
Thanks for the gentle hugs. mwah. was thinking of you last week too. I had plans of taking my frustrations out on my bike, but lightining storms were on their way. So I sat in our local Bakery and studied for 2 hours. Got heaps done. I had myself preoccupied with that, but I was always wondering how he was going without me. By all accouts he had a BLAST and loved Kindy and the school bus. So I must have something right to install confidence in him. And that makes me feel mighty proud of him.

cheers to you chook.

Felicity said...

your hubby sounds like my dad, he is always in and out with fires or SES, home and then another call out, they do an amazing job :)
hehe about your dog with the haircut.
Love reading your blog :) x