Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Christmas Puppy - An Update :)

Remember our puppy? She was the kids Christmas present...we called her Daisy.

She continues to delight and infuriate us, all at once LOL

She loved the beach and travelled SO well in the car for all of our holiday driving (we probably spent about 14 hours travelling over a Christmas day and Boxing day).
She is however definitely NOT the Princessy/lap dog type....

She likes to get stuck in and DIRTY.
She delighted in antagonising mum and dad's dog Molly.

They were just a smidge wild...
(I know..look at those teeth!)

The kids think she is wonderful...they don't mind that she is not house broken yet.

They don't mind that she won't come when she is called.
They don't mind that she wants to sleep on our bed at night, and barks at us until she is allowed *sigh*
They are pretty excited that she finally learned how to walk on a lead! They also think its pretty funny when she tries to dig in her heels and refuse to walk. LOL thinks she is pretty tough does this puppy!

And given that cute face, most of the time I don't mind most of those things either;)

But look how much che has changed already!

She has put on about 1.2kg since she arrived. She loooooves chicken wings (raw of course!) and will chew anything that sits still...our skirting boards seem fairly popular of late! She seems to be quite stubborn, but the joy that she has brought to our family kinda cancels out anything negative. She is making my kids and my husband smile and laugh like they haven't for quite some time.
So there ya have it! Our growing-too-fast Christmas Puppy!


Krissy Christie said...

Awwwww so gorgeous!!

Krissy xx

danndel said...

Awww, she is so, so, so cute.

I often think that its a good think Ellie is so cute cause she is so very naughty!!!

lkamphuis said...

How cute is she - they get away with any kind of mischief then!!! Our Daisy does too!!!

:) Tiff said...

isnt she a doll. every kid needs a pet and she's perfect for them to have so much fun with