Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Are Ready...

Whether I want us to be or not.

Our shoes are by the door, ready to go (and fresh new socks are in the drawers) The bags are by the back door (with new hats inside-naturally no on could find theirs from last year *sigh*)
The shirts are good to go (as are the new shorts/skirts/skorts). I tried to get all new school shirts for the kids. The school must have been startled to discover that the new school year was imminent however and have not got enough school shirts available for the kids starting school!?!? I managed to snag ONE shirt for Sam. Surely they suspected that all the new prep kids would be requiring shirts??? I even ordered mine at the end of the school term last year. Imagine if I hadn't!
I am guessing a few prep kids will be showing up tomorrow in casual dress.
Okay. Rant over LOL
Where was I???
Ahh yes, the shirts are ready to go!

The books covered and ready to go! (I Looooove new stationary!)

And tomorrow, my 9 year long gig of stay at home mum ends when this guy starts his schooling adventure.

I know I should be excited for him, but experience tells me that as soon as he leaves the nest and starts school, I start to lose him.
For his entire life, I have been his 'go-to-guy'. The one who answered all of his questions. The one who explained concepts like gravity, and showed him how to cook, and crafted with him. Tomorrow, that ends.
Beginning tomorrow he will be coming home and telling me that "teacher said..." and "my friend says..." He will become the expert and I will be almost redundant.
I am heartbroken.
I have loved being a stay at home mum to my babies. Loved it, and it is all over. It went too fast! How can 9 years have gone by since I left teaching and started being the teacher to my own lovelies? I want it all back. I want to sing songs all day again, I want to be frustrated by the lack of adult conversation. I want to snuggle and read stories on the couch for hours on end.
I want my time back so I can truly enjoy my babies being babies again.
But its gone.
So many older women told me to enjoy my babies, and I smiled and nodded, and some days wished for them to be gone. But it is so true. It is a precious, but fleeting time. I miss them already.
I must go and enjoy my last day of being an important mummy. And find my sunglasses in preparation for the drop off tomorrow.
Its bound to get ugly :)


danndel said...
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danndel said...

My heart is breaking for you!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow Kirsty, remember you will always be Mum and the bond between boys and their Mum's is so special, no one ever does anything quite like Mum does!!!

Julie said...

Love your pics of the back to school stuff all ready and waiting for the big day. We have to go out and get some school shoes and then we are ready.

Tanya said...

ooh Kirsty!! Don't tell me this! My baby boy starts kindy on Monday - only two days a week and Im heart broken thinking about it. It is so true what they say hey! I am going to enjoy every minute with my babies. Thanks for an awesome post :)

Tanya xx

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

You've loved them and given them all the mothering possible - tomorrow you give them wings.
It will be OK; no it will be better than Ok. You'll swell with pride to watch them fly.

Lauren said...

Aww you're making me cry!! I can sympathise a little - with Lachlan heading off tomorrow. You'll be fine, I'm sure.

(Or why not just have another baby!! :)LOL)

Krissy Christie said...

Awwww Kirsty :( sending massive squishy {{hugs}} to you lovely

Krissy xx

P.S I love new stationery too ;-)

Wendy Smith said...

awwwww..what a lovely post.

We have very similar looking items ready to do, except my eldest is starting kinder this year, so I am only on the beginning of the journey!

:) Tiff said...

gosh. you wrote that well. We must be so the same. the bags and uniforms are ready to go here too. I even have done a quick photo of him all dressed up in his school gear,hat and bag in case I am sookig too much tomorrow.

I so know how you feel, I feel exactly the same. Excatly.

I'll be thinking of you when I'm wiping my tears tomorrow chic.

foxylady said...

Your blog is so precious and trust me I know exactly how you feel. As one of your postees comments said you have given them wings and they will fly. You have given them those 9 years...PLUS!!! I feel so proud to call you my beloved eldest. My heart is with you.. tomorrow I too will shed a tear as baby Sammy heads off but for you too, as i remember that time O so well.. and it is true..boys and their Mums do have a strong bond.. so true..