Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Being Crafty...

And feeling the neutrals today apparently!

A really quick, simple LO. The hardest part was handcutting that title...actually I lie, I enjoyed the cutting out, it was remembering how to flip the word in Word that was the hardest part..good old Google! And a card with the scraps :)

And another card...Idea taken from here. Clearly not as cool as the one I stole from, but a cool idea!

I don't like that I had to handwrite the message *pout*
Well, maybe 'had to' isn't quite right...I couldn't find a rub on or stamp that said what I wanted and I reeeeeally couldn't be bothered to hand stamp each letter. LOL

Have a great evening! I am thinking I might play with this sort of card for a bit, you'll probab;ly come back tomorrow to a dozen of these suckers ;-)


Marisa said...

OMG Kirsty these are fabulous! I might have to scrap lift a few ideas here, love that work you had cut :)

Kerryn said...

Simply divine Miss Kirsty!!! Definitely stealing your stolen idea of the flower card LOL.

Alishia said...

Lovely card

Katie Toland said...

wow kirsty, that flower card is gorgeous!

thanks so much for your lovley comments on my blog too :)

Chloe said...

OMG! Love your LO and matching card! The softness of the LO is stunning! Cool flower pot card, too!

Your work is so beautiful!!!