Monday, April 13, 2009

So is Tomorrow really Monday???

If today was a holiday, does that mean that Mondayitis will strike tomorrow?

I feel as if the weekend has passed me by. I seem to have caught whatever bug Charlotte had last week. So pretty much all I have done is sleep. Seriously...I had at least a two hour nap every day, and then was in bed by 10pm.
well, I slept, and blew bubbles... In an attempt to control the sugar high, the bunny gave the kids only two eggs and lots of un chocolatey goodness.
It didn't really work. Apparently two eggs are enough to send kids crazy and to bed waking up only to complain loudly of horrible stomach pains.

But all in all, I think they had fun!
Have a great week, and I hope that Mondayitis completely bypasses you!


peewee said...

I have mondayitis and I don't even work today. bleh. looks like a fun easter at your house!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Good idea limiting the chocolate (sorry it didn't quite work out for you though) boys didn't eat much either but still managed to have several sugar crash tantrums!

Cute pics of your beautiful kiddos!

Felicity said...

Yes Tuesday is Mondayitis too!! Lucky I only to work Tuesday this week!!
Great piccies of the kids with the bubbles!
Hope your feeling better!
felicity x

Kerryn said...

LOL it doesn't take much does it (We had a nutritious breakfast of chocolate mmmmmmmmm)! They look like they enjoyed the bubbles though :)..