Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One of those...

Rambly pointless type of posts..LOL

Haven't done much this week, have had the two girls sick on and off since Friday, and my Tuesday/Wednesday baby stayed home today too! I have done HEAPS of housework, but nothing fun. I realised how much time looking after my Tuesday/Wednesday baby takes up!

I did just do this personality test...(here)
I love doing these things! This was actually really eerily accurate! I am Introverted, Sensing Feeling Judging. And my description was spot on! Just thought I would share..other people may be crazy like me and find it interesting! if you do, let me know how you did and if you found it accurate!


Marisa said...

Hope your kids are feeling better soon, I have had one sick kid (I should say adult) home today as well. Oh those test are cool aren't they, some are really so spot on too!

danndel said...

Mine was ISFJ. Try taking the test again in 6 months, see if you get the same result :)

Sharon said...

hey, love the new look - except are you trying to give me eye strain woman?!! do you remember those personality quizes we did on facialisation nights? All I remember is 1. Marcelle had to have matching pegs and 2. Tara had a phobia about running out of toilet paper (which I totally agree with now, seeing as it just dissappears here!) so I'm not sure what personality traits that revealed! :)

:) Tiff said...

great facelift to the blog chick.
noice header.
hope the tinlids are better really soon.... happy easter.