Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I love shopping...

As a general rule.
But there are some things I HATE shopping for. New swimmers (bathers, togs, swimming costume - wherever you come from) are a given. In fact, I don't even bother trying on new swimmers. I know they are going to look horrid, so I just buy my general size and hope for the best. I now no longer dread swimmers shopping.
But my most hated to shop for item?
I live in my sunglasses. Like seriously.
Why do I hate to shop for sunglasses more than I hate to shop for new swimmers? Well, because I wear them every single day. And without fail, I will buy a daggy, yucky, nana pair. I just know it. Then people will mock me behind my back (or to my face, they may be THAT bad)
I usually wait until I have my cool sister Amy with me. My style counsel.
But, a few days ago, my beloved sunglasses broke. They have been scratched for months, but now, they are broke. Munted. Destroyed. Dead. (Rest assured they lived a long and full life though, they have been with me for 2 years)

I have left the house without sunglasses for the last 3 days, and things are starting to get serious. I can practically feel my naked retinas burning (I dramatics here I promise) Even more serious? I have had to put on eye make up every time I step outside as I don't have my sunnies to hide behind.
And I had to do my hair. I can't just throw my sun glasses on my head like an alice band and be done with it.

So, now I have to face the prospect of going to the shop and buying a new pair.
This is complicated further by the fact that Mundubbera doesn't have a sunglass store. The only place in town to buy sunnies is the Chemist. (or the shit shop, but I don't think so)

So wish me luck. I am gonna need it.

(and why do the words Daggy and Munted show up as 'not-proper' words??? I use them all the time they MUST be real words!!!)


Chloe said...

Ok Kirsty... this is serious!!! I am not mocking you... I TOTALLY understand and sympathise. I have been without sunglasses for quite a few months now. My daughter broke my fave pair in half and I have since been unable to find a new pair. I too hate sunglasses shopping... I'm too picky!!! Hence the reason I have gone so long without. I need to borrow your cool sister!!!


Kerryn said...

Oh dear! Hope you find a suitable replacement soon!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I'd have to say that daggy and munted are not part of my vocab. Maybe you could offer a vocabulary lesson sometime!

Good luck with the glasses...they are hard to shop for (but certainly not as bad a swimsuit for me)!

danndel said...

Good luck with the sunglasses shopping, I hate it too!! I usually take Daniel with me cause he can be relied on to tell me if they look terrible!!

Krissy C said...

Oh no!!Im with you I hate picking new sunnies and mine are always on my head :D

Good luck with the shopping!

Krissy xx

peewee said...

It's SO weird! I hate sunglass shopping too!!!! i would THINK I would LOVE it. But I always see them on people and they look awesome and then I go to get the same pair and I look like a freak in them. And you're right...I only ever get ONE pair. why is that? I get new shoes aver week! huh. I will think about this social dilemma all day!