Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday :)

Sam and I got our Tuesday Wednesday baby back today!

We celebrated by making Play doh... Sam wanted to make 4 different colours, he wanted to make a volcano and a dinosaur....
But I reined in his creativity and we made green.

We introduced our Tuesday/Wednesday baby to the joys of squishing stuff between her fingers, and gave her her first taste of play doh...

Luckily I get to change the nappies tomorrow. There might be some wild colours in there!

My poor sister. She is single, no children and here on holidays, and THIS was the high point of our day. She will never come back here I just know it... LOL
And I think she may also never have children. Just quietly. I think we have turned her off.

How was your day? Any green snowmen in your Tuesday?

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