Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Page From My Sketchbook

I decided to whip up a quick entry for A Page From My sketchbook ( I keep hoping one of these month's I will be the only entry and win Bwahahahaha!!!) Liz Weber provides amazing sketches, and the DT give the most glorious examples! I dunno...I kept trying to 'fix' this, and my solution appears to have been 'throw on some more flowers' LOL

I like the idea of the cut outy circle bits with the music paper showing through...but not sure if I pulled it off.
Here 'tis.

*sigh* yes, that does say 2007. I am never ever going to be 'caught up'. Ever... I am not a chronological scrapper...I only scrap the photos I feel like and that I actually like :)
And I am not going to even think about how many packets of pearls I used for the flourishes...lets just say that it is lucky that a store in town actually stocks them;)
HUGE congrats to Bethany Joy and the Janssen SIL's sister had a beautiful bubby girl yesterday!

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Marisa said...

Oh Kirsty you have created a beautiful layout here, I just love it! You are not the only one that doesn't scrap in a chronological order, I scrap the photos that I feel like as well :)