Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday faves!

Hmmmm, these seem especially random this week! LOL

#1 the sausages made by the local butcher...he has won awards and stuff, and they are soooooooo good! #2 the cooler weather...oh its so wonderful to pop slippers on in the mornings and to snuggle under the doona at night (admittedly the ceiling fans are going...but still, noticeably cooler!)
#3 praise GOD all the easter eggs have been purged from our house! Woot!

#4 have loved this weeks school holiday. I adore having my chicks home with me, and just love having wonderfully lazy unproductive and carfty days. Bliss!

#5 My sis Amy arrived this afternoon to spend a week with us! Good times!!!!!

So my lovely friends...give me a shout out to let me know you stopped by, and if you wanna cheer yourself up, think about some random little things that brought a smile to your face this week! Go know you wanna!!!!


pink4u said...

Hope you are having fun with your sister!!
LOVE your Wicked Princess they ship to the US??

Hey, you can always send any chocolate this way..I can get rid of it for you!!!! (haha)
Enjoy your weekend!!!
Joanie :)

AJ said...

Good times ahead girlfriend