Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Faves!

The long weekend edition!

#1 naturally my all time fave forever and ever is long weekends...4 whole days of laziness with no plans (apart from eating lots of chocolate) and my family home! (admittedly my weekdn will NOT be as picturesque as this pic, but just as relaxing;)
Dave Hughsey's Twitter last night was about how after the weekend Jesus had, He deserved a long weekend LOL #2 Waiting impatiently for my snapfish photo exciting! I love when the parcel arrives and all those beautiful photos bring back some gorgeous memories!
#3 my Giselle Bundchen flip flops. Seriously, tyhey are like wearing nothing on your feet! (just a heads up, don't google 'famous peoples thongs'*...not pretty)

#4 Hot cross Buns. Mmmmmm only a few more days left of the Hot Bunny Goodness!

#5 is my big fave.
It is my favourite thing that Mick gets his fill of camping at work.
I hate camping, and as it seems to be the 'done thing' on the Easter long weekend here, I am so so so so glad that Mick camps enough at work to not want to punish me take us all on a happy little camping trip.

Seriously why would a person want to sleep on the floor?
And get eaten by bugs?
And probably rained on?
When we were little mum and dad used to take us to these remote horrible spots with no running water or toilets. And with lots of wildlife...the site used to be teeming with kangaroos. And that pretty much cured me of ever wanting to camp. Ever.

Totally not my scene.
I like showers. And toilets. And beds. And doors.
What are your faves?

* A heads up for any non Aussies- we generally call flip flops 'thongs'. Apparently that has a whole 'nother meaning Bwahahaha!


danndel said...

I am totally with you on the camping thing!!! If ever he gets the need to go tell me and I'll send Daniel with him and you and I can stay home and be crafty!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kirsty, what an interesting read, thanks for all that, I must get me some of those thongs, they are what I live in, Tiff :o)

pink4u said...

I've been enjoying your Blog all week long!!!! Beautiful Wedding pictures!! WOW!!!
I am not a fan of camping either ..but it did sound cool to have kangaroos around!!
Enjoy your weekend and your family:)

LOVE your new Banner!!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Great list...though I actually do like camping in small doses.

Too funny about the internet search of famous peoples' thongs!

Krissy C said...

PMSL @ the celebrity things search Kirsty!!Im making a mental note LOL

Ive never been camping....mostly for the reasons you pointed out LOL give me a nice hotel anytime!!

Have a great weekend!

Krissy xx

Moira said...

LOL on the camping, I grew up in NZ til I was 9 - too cold even in summer to contemplate camping, and then when we moved to Aus - too many creepy crawlies and things that can kill you. No camping for me! Now a nice, yet discounted, resort room? Bring it on.

Yes, Warwick winter mornings are a killer, but by lunch time it's warm and you ditch all the layers of clothing. A nice compromise I think, all the fun of winter (cold nights and mornings, rugging up, hot fire places, electric blankets) and none of the downers (constant cold, grey skies, rain)

Thanks for dropping by - I'll be sure to check in while I'm OS - much easier to get a scrapping fix online than weigh my bags down with books and mags!

Aga said...

Hey Kirsty, I always enjoy your friday faves and have to say I have the Giselle sandals in brown, white and silver and love them all :)Happy Easter!
Aga xx

:) Tiff said...

Hiya Kirst.
Happy Easter to you and yours chick. Have u tried the Rabbit home order CD. The program is more flexible than snapfish (I did NOT get along with SF at all) I do lots of non standard prints which SP can not crop or adjust too. BUT the rabbit CD only works on XP and if you have broadband at this stage. I LOVE it.

eats lots of chocies for me.