Friday, June 25, 2010

Book Week (A granparently type post!)

The kids celebrated Book Week today with a dress up parade at school.
I walked to school this morning with a Puss in boots...
The world's cutest Very Lazy Ladybeetle

(nope, not biased AT ALL)

And 'Rex' off Clone Wars.

They loved it!
Poor Sammy had decided upon going as a tiger, and we purchased the costume off ebay....and waited, and waited, but costume :(
He came to me yesterday morning and asked 'Does God do magic?' I said 'no, sorry honey'. He said 'can we pray anyway?' So we did....but still no costume.
Luckily he had a plan 'B'

Thanks for stopping by my lovely friends, and a HUGE thank you for your wonderful messages of support congratulating me on my wonderful kaisercraft news...I just loved reading all those messages and knowing I had people to share my news with, thank you SO SO much!


Kate said...

super cute kirst. love sam's thinking about magic. he has a heart of gold :) xo

jules said...

wow how cute all look wonderful...glad you had a great time...

oh Sam...what a sweetie!.{hugs}

foxylady said...

Thank you so much..I did spy the clone wars dude in some pictures today on FB..I thought it was you Kirsty!!
They look great..would have been a sight trotting up to school.
And yes God does do majic..its caled miracles and even though the tiger costume didn't arrive, you know what? There is a reason. One day you will know Sammy..and guess what you stole the show I reckon

Anonymous said...

How come your school did book week soooooooo early??? It's not until the end of August.

Teresa Dawn said...

I agree with foxylady :) Not magic tricks and spells but God could certainly make a costume arrive on time if He wanted.

These costumes are ADORABLE!!! Great pictures :)