Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have booked in for my first ever retreat!

Wicked princesses are hosting their first ever scrapping weekend of goodness next year (May) and I am going!!!
I was SOOO nervous and almost didn't go, cause, well, I snore.
But the girls in the forum reassured me that they can drink enough that they will sleep through my snoring or alternatively, stay up all night gossiping ;)
So I am booked.
I am going!
I can't wait to meet some of my scrappy friends! (I hope no one is an axe murderer like Mick suggested...LOL)
Are you coming too???
Details found in the forum here


Lauren said...

Pick me! Pick me! I'm coming too! Yay!

(Oh and I'm not an axe murderer either! lol)

Kate said...

cant wait to see you there kirst, dont worry i snore too, although im not a night owl i am an early riser (due to having kids lol) :)

p.s. i dont carry an axe... i carry scissors... but i aint a murderer LOL

Krissy Christie said...

Yay yay yay!!Sooooo glad you are coming hunny!! We will have an awesome time :D

Im not an axe murderer either just a Princess ;-) lol

Krissy xx

Kate said...

YAY good on you Kirsty, wish I could be there, you will all have an awesome time!! I can vouch for Krissy, Kate, Jules, Sandy & Donna for all being normal (well normal-ish LOL) just kidding, they are all gorgeous girls xxx

jules said...

woohoo happy dance glad your coming honey...will be awesome to meet you IRL!!

and i am with Kate we are normalish....oh who am i kidding...i am NUTS and lovin it!!!PMSL

jules xxx

:) Tiff said...

Good for you Kirsty. lol. I only snore when I've had a few....too many.

Josie Dean said...

I'm bringing the ear plugs!!!!!!!!!!!

So excited to go! And I'm no murderer!!