Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Morning...

In our house now means sports *sigh*
Yes, along with thousands of other Aussie family's we rug up (although luckily QLD doesn't get too cold for too long!) and head out with the kids for sports!
This year, Sam has chosen to conquer the soccer field.

Usually Mick takes him, and I head to netball with the girls, but this week we swapped :)
Under 7 soccer is WAY cute!
The fastest the littlies ran was for the juice break at half time ;)

Sam collecting his *free* juice.

His initial reaction to the wonderful world of soccer?
'Mum, we got a FREE juice! I wanna go every week!'
Yeah, not so free baby, its paid for LOL...took us a few days to convince him of this, but the term 'free juice' is now one of those family sayings that seem to have stuck. The girls ask for a free juice after netball while we wander home past the shops LOL

And this?
This week Sam's Prep idol showed up, and they spent the free juice break discussing the wonders of shin pads.
So cute!


:) Tiff said...

Saturday's atm means a choice going to our footy, netball if the weather is nice. My kids will be playing every Sat next year. This morning the weather was lovely. So we dressed, lunchboxes packed, jackets ready, boots on and headed in. And then it rained and rainded. And so here we are, back home drying off by the fire. We didnt even stay 2 hours. It'll be a different story next year. sigh.

Kate said...

thats fantastic kirst, i love the photos :)

Teresa Dawn said...

Hey if it's not the KIDS paying for the juice it's free to them LOL!

foxylady said...

O so cute..None of our boys did soccer at such a young age although Kim and Danny were pretty much up there with sam and would have loved the "free juice" idea too.
Mind you my girls were pretty stoked with the fee oranges at half time in

Phrog said...

I believe I still run the fastest when there is free juice involved