Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 12

and 13 of my Thirty Days of Me. Yeah, Lame. I know.
Day 12 is to show a photo of the town that you live in.
I make no secret of the fact that I hate the town where we live. For many many reasons, but my main reason is that we are so very far from where the people I want to be near are. I dearly, desperately want to be near my family, but can't quite afford to live there. One day. Its good to have dreams right?
We live on the main street.
Its a very quiet main street.
This is looking down towards the *busy* part. LOL
Yeah. Its pretty quiet.
And day 13 is to share your favourite musician.
My favourite musician is my friend KT, who will be HUGE one day. I heard it here first :) Her first CD is coming out soon, and I am sooo excited for her. Not only is she madly talented, but she is one of the most truly beautiful people I have ever met.
My next fave musician is Kate Heidke-Miller.

And one of my fave Kate Heidke-Miller songs...

Maybe I have a *thing* for the name Kate/Katie ;)

Thanks for stopping by!
I will draw a weiner (heh)for my little scrappy giveaway on Saturday morning - and NO dad!! You can't win it then wrap it up for me for Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I'm super glad you are still going on the 30 days of me...

Jaki said...

I know how you feel! wish I was closer to family too

I'm also liking the 30 days of me...

:) Tiff said...

hey chookie.

been visiting often but been a bit slack commenting.

good for you doing the 30 days of me. What a great way to get you to pick up the camera and get snapping with it.... if I could insert another 20 hours in my day I would think of doing it too.... been super dooper mad crazy busy for the last couple of months, but I always look forward to your posts both here and on FB.

much mwah.


aussiescrapper said...

I loved seeing where you live, looks like a gorgeous place, I would love to live in a smaller town, and thank you for sharing the Kate Miller-H song, I hadn't heard that one and my son sitting on my lap here was bopping when she did her yodelling stuff at the beginning, wow what a voice. Love your blog. Melxx