Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank you mummy :)

I've been sick this week.
I think I have the Flu. Like the real flu...with fevers and aches and all, not a measly little cold masquerading as the 'flu' (one of my pet hates...people saying they have *the flu* when its a cold Grrr)
Or ebola.
My googling was a little unclear.
The symptoms seem so similar... After alternating between sweating and freezing on Wednesday night, I decided to change my sheets.
Mum used to change our sheets when we were sick.
She always said it was nice to hop into a fresh bed if you were feeling sick, and now its my first reaction both for myself and for my kids...

And so last night, after feeling like crap and dragging myself around all day, I climbed into my bed with its lovely fresh sheets.
And I was immediately transported back about 30 years.
I felt completely and utterly comforted for just a brief moment.
It was like my mum was there, smoothing my hair from my forehead and tucking me in.
And I felt safe.
I swear my soul sighed the word 'mummy'.

Thank you mummy. All those little things you did for us kids growing up made a BIG impact on our lives. The nurturing you did back then, still counts all these years later.


Kerryn said...

Sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell. Hope you are better soon.

Phrog said...

But Google says I have Ebola, but I'm still alive, ooh maybe I'm immune!?!?! Yaaay

Kate said...

a mum always knows best kirst ;) xo

Lisa said...

So so so true Kirst!! Every time a kid (mine or one at school) says they have a sore tummy, I say "Go to the toilet!" Thanks Mum :)

Lisa's Passion to Scrap said...

Gorgeous way to remember your mum, all those little things x Feel better soon.