Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just for Sharon and Alanna ;)

In my last post Sharon and Alanna asked how I store my lumpy bumpy LOs.
I just store them in a regular 12x12 protector and then in these Print Blocks 3 ring binders. I usually trim about 5mm off the top and side of the page to give me a bit of 'wriggle room' I can't fit many in each album, but they seem to be okay in there!
How do you all store your LOs? Does anyone else have a *few* in boxes without albums?? LOL


sharon said...

I love these albums as well!

now I want to see a nice pic of yours all lined up on the shelf - with your productivity scrapping wise, you must have a few! Are you selective in colour, or use whichever ones you can get at the right price?

ah, the deep and meaningful questions of life!

donna said...

these are my favourite albums too Kirst... but I need lots more of them, I have a huge pile in my cupboard waiting to be put away.

I store my albums standing up so the layouts arent squashed up against each other
Donna xxx

:) Tiff said...

exactly the same. same brand, same trimming if needed. mine are all black and I've stamped the name of who its of on the spine and the dates.