Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Faves :-)

Its Friday again!!! Boy oh boy, every other town I have lived in, I looooove Fridays, but here, Friday is pay day, and at this time of year, its fruit season. And, for some reason, people out here often get paid in cheques. Which mean at the bank, we are INUNDATED! We were sooooo busy today, I feel as if I need to hibernate LOL.
I am feeling a little 'peopled' out.

On to the faves!

#1 taste tests....

When we go shopping after dropping the girls at school, our deli manager usually has a taste test out. And Sammy is the official taste tester.
One morning we went in, the manager saw us, and said "oh rats! I haven't done the taste test!!!" But, by the time we arrived over at the deli counter, she had it all out and ready to go :)

So cute!
#2 I am sadly addicted to yet another Face Book game *sigh* #3 my brand spanking new K-Rudd memorial clothes dryer!
I don't like using my dryer very often. I loooove the feel and smell of line dried clothes, but last month, when it rained I went to toss a load of washing into the old one, and discovered that it was broken *sigh*
So I bought myself a new one, and have dried my first load today!

#4 My Sammy is sloooowly learning to write his name!
I was a little concerned that he would be the only child in Prep next year not able to write his name, so I made a real effort the past few weeks to practice with him!

isn't he clever???
#5 Mick's faves....

So usually I scrawl my faves list on my white board during the week...I really feel quite cranky when I get home most Friday's so I need reminding of all the good things...Quite hard to think of faves when you are shitty with the world!
And this week Mick created his own list :) Not a serious one, more to make me laugh more than anything...
His list Krugerrands, (really, best NOT to ask)Million dollar cheque (he got into our cheque book and wrote himself a cheque for a million $$$. Signed and all LOL) Big sheds (he has just had a new work shed built and it is HUGE!) boobs (naturally) and early breakfasts with the kids. (They have all been getting up with him at 5am and eating breakfast together)
Have a great weekend my lovely friends...we are going to go visit my family for a couple of days...make the most of the long weekend and all!


:) Tiff said...

lol at Micks list.
esp his $$$$$$$ cheque. and I had to click the link to see what the hell Krugerrands are....

good idea with the white board. I thought you were this chirpy all the time.... ;)

georgia said...

love your friday faves kirsty, and your hubby's crack me up! enjoy the family visit - we had our long weekend in wa last week - wish it was this one instead (or too!)

Anonymous said...

Another great read chickie, thanks for that, have a well rested break, Tiff (other LOL!!!)

Phrog said...

Always remember Krugerands from Lethal Weapon 2. I`m not allowed into the cheque book, probably for the reason that I too would write a million dollar check, hmm I`m not even sure we have a cheque book, I let the finance minister work all that out, I just get a fortnightly allowance.

danndel said...

LOL love Mick's list :) Love Sam's writing too, its so good, go Sam!!!

Jane Ettia Jones said...

ok you suckered me right in with that piece of cake....oh yummmmmmm

pink4u said...

OMG!!!! That CAKE!!! It is calling my name! Yummy!!!

That clothes dryer is so fancy! I bet you must love it!

$$$ Do you guys have any extra million dollar checks laying around that you might not want perhaps?????
Funny story...I was helping my 17 year old daughter pick up her room and guess what I found....a 1 Million dollar bill...I put it on the refrigerator :)It looks real to me!!! She got it at the Fair..figures huh!!
Enjoy your family!!

Anonymous said...

always love reading your friday faves... love them all! love the whiteboard idea, and micks list... very cute!

Dena said...

haaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I love that he hopped in on the 5 faves. That is hilarious. Totally made my day. I hope that you are doing well over there. Fresh fruit is sounding perfect right now. It is prime strawberry season here. YUMMO! I foresee strawberries making my list sometime soon ;)