Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Faves:)

#1 Grand Designs. Love this show! Its been off air for a while, but on Wednesday night whilst randomly surfing the channels, we discovered a brand new episode! I think i love watching it, cause Mick loves it and sits with me...not often that we agree on what constitutes 'good' television LOL #2 (yeah...another TV show) Silent Witness. So good. And its on a Friday!!!

#3 Pink ugg boots. Mick bought me a pair this week, and I looooove them!

#4 I am a huge fan of buying in bulk. I think its the whole country living never know when you'll be near large cheap stores again, so you stock up.
And really, is it a bad thing to have 56 rolls of toilet paper sitting in the bathroom????(yes, literally 56 rolls *sigh*)

#5 whilst waiting for my lovely slice machine to arrive, I have been browsing cartridges. And I bought one....

I reeeeally liked the font on this one:)

Argh! I hope it gets here soon!!! I totally can't wait to play!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love buying in bulk too and I lurve the pink uggies, you lucky duck xx.

Sharon said...

While I may not have 56 rolls of toilet paper (I thought it was Tara with the tp obsession?!) have a fair stash of it seeing as it seems to evaporate around here.

That, and biscuits.

Sad news- series FINAL of Silent Witness was on tonight! was a good, very complicated one though.

:) Tiff said...

omg. 56. are you serious. You would need a cupboard just for the bog rolls. lol. you have brightened my day.

pink4u said...

56 rolls of toilet paper??? You need to scrap that!!! or alter a thinking like a scrapper girl!
Your *pink* Uggs are super cute!
Stay warm!

foxylady said...

Sorry but the reference to the toilet paper was a bit scary for me..remember it was your Nana who did have 87 cans of air freshner in the cupboard...whoopsy!!!
Love the slippers your Mikey spoils you