Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Faves :-)

#1 this week is YOU! Yes, you... I don't have your pic, so here are some flowers that I would like to give you! I was so excited about my win with the Slice over at Enchanted, and was SO excited to wake up the next morning and have so many messages congratulating me! You guys ROCK!!! Thanks for celebrating with me:)

#2I am so so proud of my sis! Now, being a little....ummmm....uneducated and, well kinda dumb, I am not exactly sure what is goin on this week with her. As far as I can tell, this little girl in the blue dress (my little sis Clare)...
Is being admitted as a solicitor. Actually wrong tense. She was admitted today in the Supreme Court in the ACT. yep, our Nations Capital (sorry, went all Forrest Gump there for a minute)
Isn't she amazing?

And now, if I am ever in trouble...she can bail me out;)
#3 Now this may gain me automatic entrance into the mean mummy club, but it truly is my fave. I love when my kids are bored.

In fact I deliberately allow them to be often unscheduled and without play dates. I think that this is when they start to learn to amuse themselves and to get along. The games that they invent when they are bored are incredible!
Their imaginations start to run wild, and they play so well!
So yeah, mean mummy;)
#4 I have read 3 Lisa Jackson novels this week.

So good. Unfortunately though every person I meet is immediately suspected of being a serial killer...
Its the quiet ones you have to watch;)

#5 Is pretty much a family fave!

We are ALL loving HOODIES!!!!

Yay! they keep us warm....

And they even block out the world a little and make things just a smidge quieter!

So that's mine...Dan and Del, your weekend has officially begun LOL


:) Tiff said...

aww shucks Kirsty. Thanks for the flowers.

I do so enjoy reading your Friday faves. Always makes me smile.

Tanya said...

you are so sweet with the flowers! *mwah*

Jillene said...

I TOTALLY agree with the kids being bored thing!!

And I HAVE to read those books!! I think a trip to the library is in order today!!

Krissy C said...

I love reading your friday faves Kirsty!!

Woohoo for you winning the slice :D Those LO's are amazing!!

Krissy xx

Dena said...

That last picture is fabulous. What a look on his face and his hoodie is rockin!
I haven't read any of those books, so guess what I need to go do this summer?!??!?!