Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Faves!

The Dan and Del edition ;)

(I was contemplating not doing the fives this week...too cold, too cranky etc etc...then I got a phone call from my bro asking where they here I am!)

#1 Winter. I love it. Love love love it! I love the bitterly cold winds, I love the snuggling into bed, and my fave thing so far this winter is seeing the ecclectic outfits my kids assemble in an effort to keep warm LOL
Wish I had of taken a pic of this mornign when I stumbled out of bed to see the three kids eating porridge wearing mick's beanies on their heads...
#2 Aunty Adventures!!! I love that the kids get to spend this uber cool time with their aunt :)
Even if they have no clue whats happening 1/2 the time :)

#3 Our mini holiday to Ballina. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO relaxing. Felt like we were there for about a week. Bliss :)

#4 My mum introduced me to White Costello Cheese...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

#5 They way my hubby takes over on a Friday afternoon. I arrive home at 6 o'clock on a Friday night (all things going well at the bank) and he has the kids bathed, the washing off the line and dinner organised. He is truly a gem
I also love that he realises how stressful dealing with our customers can be during fruit season, and he lets me have about 15 mins after I walk in the door to just be sit and stare at the wall or harvest my FarmTown crops....He is a keeperfor sure!

He is a pussy cat...really!!! LOL
Have a great weekend!


danndel said...

YAAAAY, love your faves :) Yes I don't mind a bit of white costello cheese myself!!

Phrog said...

yaaaay Friday is now complete, thankyou.

Dena said...

I looooove your pictures. The What the Heck is going on pic is the BEST! OMG you have to scrap that immediately.
Have a fabulous weekend my long lost friend :)

Kerryn said...

Love your faves!

:) Tiff said...

hmm pussycat.
looks more like a tamedish tiger.