Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday/Sunday Scrapping :)

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a class yesterday at my nearby scrapping store! I love going to real live classes :) So much fun, and Stacey (owner/teacher) of the store is so clever. Puts so much thought and preparation into her classes, and SUCH a great bargain! The following was a $25 class..which includes all basic materials, use of the store 'stuff' and the class!

So here 'tis... I decided to create my trinket box for my sister and her wedding pics....(pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, so I think I am safe sharing LOL) So lots and lots of 'pretties'. I think the lid is still missing 'something', but not sure what. I am thinking of adding the date in the big old blank space. Love how the box is antiqued using paint, ink and crakle. So yummy!
And inside a little mini album :)

I thought that I would also type up copies of mine and the best man's speech for her to keep. I also have her and Shane's place cards (her first official time having her name written as a 'Mrs') and thought that this little box would be perfect for little bits like these!

Love this pic of my dad and Clarey!

This sis is also the same sis who this week will be admitted as a solicitor in Canberra! So proud of amazing is she??? She is stunningly gorgeous, a beautiful person and apparently intelligent as well! Shane certainly got the whole package there ;)
So my lovelies...have a fantastic week....and try, somehow to stay warm!


Jayne said...

Kirsty it is just gorgeous!!! I am sure your sister will LOVE it. Just beautiful!!! So wish I could create things that look that good!!

danndel said...
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danndel said...

Kirsty it is beautiful!!!

danndel said...

Hey Kirst the deleted comment was me I didn't mean to delete it :)

Pound said...

where do you find time to make stuff w/ 3 kids?!
and you guys w/ your cute little aussie words... what is a solicitor? apparently it means something entirely different here. :P

Marisa said...

wow this is awesome Kirsty, your sister will love it. Your creations are always a pleasure to see :)