Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 1 of THIRTY!

So this is my first day of my thirty!

I am hoping that they don't actually have to be consecutive LOL

A photo of yourself...

Okay. Its 2 years old.

And I am wearing make up.

And my hair has actually been done nicely...

But technically its me. Just add a few more kgs and a few more wrinkles and a whole lot of grey hair LOL

A Description of my day...

Well, its before 9am on a Saturday, so not much has happened yet. I am still drinking my cuppa and still on the computer. Its quite chilly, but gorgeously sunny!

I have waved my husband and middle daughter Charlotte off for the weekend. They are visiting Mick's 93 year old Nana, who is a bit unwell. Nat, Sam and I stayed home because we didn't want to descend en-masse and tire/confuse poor Nana Piper. It was Charlotte's turn for a little 1 on 1 time with a parent, and she is STOKED to be going away with just daddy :)

I am a little apprehensive, as I am going to be attending my first funeral since mum's. Actually, I am a lot apprehensive. I feel ill about it.

I am also sad as my baby bro and my sis in law are hosting a big birthday fiesta this weekend, most of my family will be there, and I am not.

So, ummm, not quite a cheery start to the 30 days of me, but really, at the moment, I am not really feeling the cheery...

Thanks so much for stopping by friends...and for any comments, I love your comments!


LisaW said...

Hi Kirsty! So glad you are playing along too. I'm loving doing the daily posts. Ask me how I'm going on day 30 though. lol. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. Good luck at the funeral. I'm sorry you have to go to another one so soon after your mum. hugs and kisses. Lis.

Katred said...

Love this idea Kirsty might even bring my poor old neglected blog out of retirement and do it myself....stay tuned.
Funerals are hard, brings back memories even four + years after my Dad's as I went to one yesterday :( Hope you can get through it although its good to go and cry and not be embarrassed about public crying as there is always others crying too xoxoxo
I am sure Charlotte and Mick are cheering up his dear Nana and hope you have a great weekend with the other two. Off to see if I can even log in to my old blog xo

Katred said...

OMG the word I had to type for verification was "fecked" .....had a little chuckle and then thought maybe I should be wearing my glasses a bit more often :P

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you playing along with the 30 day challenge too!
I'm on day 2 and so far, so good!
Glad to have found your blog : )

Karen said...

Hi Kirsty, found this little challenge on your blog so thought I'd give it a go too :) Hope your day is improving :)

Phrog said...

We won`t be there either. Although I bet I could get a dodgy Mexican Mo going pretty good. Love Ya Ishy.

Kate said...

very cool kirst :) you are gorgeous and i can see so much of both your mum and dad in you xo

Tam said...

Hi Kirst,
thinking of you xo
I;m doing the 30 days too!