Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 7 of Thirty :)

Still plugging away at my Thirty days of Me!
I got a Facebook message last night that gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going! Thanks Claire!
Describe your dream wedding...
So when my husband and I got married oh so long ago, we made the mistake of announcing our engagement before even thinking about what sort of wedding we wanted.
Our wedding kind of just *happened* without much thought into what sort of day would suit us, and so *our day* really didn't reflect us. If I had my time again, I would take the money we spent on our wedding (which really wasn't much), take the $100 and a ladder that my dad offered (heee! funny guy!) and elope.
I would have a holiday with the man I love.
12 years after our wedding, we have yet to have a holiday together. We skipped our honeymoon, promising ourselves it would happen later.
So far, it hasn't.
My dream wedding would be a wedding in some lovely destination, with just him and I.
No one else.
Just a private ceremony. Just a relaxed, promise to each other.

My dream wedding would then probably entail a lovely dinner in a restaurant when we got home with our immediate family to celebrate.
Very relaxed and private :)


Kate said...

my wedding sounds just like your kirst. i would elope. not have to deal with family dramas and money. xo

Lauren said...

I loved our wedding - 50 of our closest family and friends having a big party in Mum and Dad's backyard. If I had my time over I'd do it all the same! A beach wedding does sound lovely though.

I really hope you guys get to go on that honeymoon someday. ;)

Lisa said...

I agree Kirst...if I ever do it again (not sure I'm that crazy) I would elope for sure!!

Kerryn said...

I hope you get that holiday together one day very soon.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.
Keep up the good work. Maybe when you have finished I will start.