Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Crapbooking

As my husband calls it ;)

A quick page of my mum and the girls completing a jigsaw puzzle... The photo is actually almost exactly 12 months ago.

If only I had known what was going to happen...or maybe not? Maybe its best not to know about things like that?

I am more than a little in love with these *sparklers* from Websters pages :)

And of course...still trying to tackle my fear of cards...two cards with the scraps!

I am also a little in love with this Lost and Found range from MME :)

Thanks for stopping by, and for your wonderfully supportive comments :) Each one means so so much to me, so thanks for taking the time!


Tam said...

Beautiful layout! Not a cardmaker pffft I say to you missy! cards are gorgeous keep it up!!!!

Lauren said...

Oh wow! That layout is stunning! And as for your cards - you are most definately a cardmaker! They are beautiful. :)

Kate said...

you make the best cards kirst!!
and love the page of your mum with the girls. lovely memory to capture and keep in your heart :) <3

Nerrida said...

Just beautiful Kirsty - you are so clever.

Kate said...

such a gorgeous layout Kirsty, you are capturing your memories of your mum so beautifully.....I think your cards are fabulous!!

Marcy said...

no crap there Kirsty!!! These are devine creations just wonderful!!! I am inspired to break out some bling!!! :)

Trudi said...

Oh I am sorry Kirsty but I did laugh at the title of your post - cause that's exactly what my DH calls it LOL!!

Absolutely gorgeous layout and... **pfft** about not being able to do cards - Gosh girl these are terrific!

Kerryn said...

Gorgeous Kirsty!!