Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 6 of Thirty!

Still plugging along DAILY with my Thirty Days of Me!

A Photograph of an animal you would like to have as a pet. Daisy.
She is the perfect pet for me.
She is cute, and funny, and isn't too needy.
She is naughty and (in this photo) really grotty (she got a bath and a haircut later in the day)
She makes me laugh.
I like her so much that I am actually thinking of getting another one to keep her company! She loved having mum's dog Molly to visit! Am I crazy for even considering another dog?


Kerryn said...

Only 24 to go ;).

She is a little cutie!

Lauren said...

Oh isnt she just adorable! Sure, why not get another one! ;)

aussiescrapper said...

No seriously I have 2 dogs, poodles, Max and Stanley are the best of friends. I felt sorry always leaving Max at hom, Stanley is Max's biological son, so great company, and no more guilt when I go out, Daisy is super cute. Melxx