Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oops, I Went AWOL Again!

Sorry friends!

I have had my daddy and my sis Amy up visiting for the past two weeks, and it has been lovely :)
It was just nice having them here. We pretty much did nothing. But we were together, and thats what was nice :)

The kids loved having their Poppy!
On their last afternoon, one of the lovely ladies I work with asked us out to see her one day old lambs! She had 6 new little babies frolicking around her place!

These two were twins born less than 24 hours before we went out! So cute! She is calling them 'Salt' and 'Pepper' (Not juicy and tender as her hubby suggested! LOL)
My sis was stoked!

The kids loved being able to hold these babies!
They were so gentle with them!

Even Sam...he seemed mesmerized! Look, this one os so new it still has its umbilical cord!
And I of course have also been scrapping. Its my therapy at the moment. Playing with all the pretty papers and flowers and ribbons makes my spirits lift.

A pic of Nat opening her first gate!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and not completely giving up on me! LOL


Anonymous said...

Aww my gosh how gorgeous to have a cuddle with the lambs so lovely as is your latest LO

Trudi said...

I adore how you have used these papers Kirsty!! Mine are still waiting to be hacked into LOL!!

Kerryn said...

Absolutely love this one!!!

Kate said...

i love the photos kirst especially the one of your dad with your cute kiddies!!

the page is gorgeous, love those pretty colours :) <3 love ya!

p.s. i could never give up on you, you are a princess after all ;)

LG said...

Im happy you had amazing time with your dad and sister.

That layout is so beautiful too!