Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 9...

And 10....of my Thirty Days!
Day 9- A photo of your latest purchase..
Now I would like to be able to share that I have bought something like these... Or these...
Or **swoon** these..

But, alas. My last few weeks have seen me only purchasing the very basics.

Oh the excitement!
Day 10.
A photo of your favourite place to eat...

I had mentioned previously that I am a sucker for a restaurant meal.
However, since having children, no ready and willing babysitters, and also living in the middle of nowhere- which only boasts ONE restaurantish type place, my standards have, well, they have dropped.
I love taking the family here.

I love that they can ALL find something to eat that they enjoy. I love that its always a little chaotic and that my children won't be the WORST behaved in the place. I love that they can make a little bit of a mess. I love that their table manners aren't under scrutiny. I love that it is relaxed. I love that we can occasionally afford to eat here ;)
And the Sizzler toast.
I love the Sizzler toast!


Lauren said...

OMG how good is Sizzler toast!? LOL

danndel said...

Next time we're together you need to hit Daniel up to make you some Sizzler toast :o)

Anonymous said...

hey i bought a pair of really high shoes that are super cute for my baby brothers wedding next weekend OMG they are cute as, but i so know thay are going to kill me ! when you are a mummy you kind of forget about the fashion side of things hey !! i will post a picture on my blog tonight

Jodi said...

Thats hilarious!! I thought it was going to be like a pair of thongs or something, but it was bread!!! Too funny!