Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday faves new car. Predictable? Yes, totally...but I really really love it! *heh* Sam dressed himself the morning this was taken. Army guy boots, shorts from 3 summers ago...LOL

#2 My morning Cuppas...strong tea with a dash of skim milk, no sugar...ahhhhhhhh
#3 Pumpkin muffins..YUMMY! We have a new fave baked good in our house.

#4. Having my lovely hubby home with me. I miss him SO much during the week, and I am like an excited teenager waiting for him to get home on Friday:-) He walked into the bank this afternoon to collect the car keys and I got butterflies....

#5 is all Sammy...He is LOVING Clone Wars at the moment. As he watched it he bursts out occasionally with "I'm watching Clone Wars!!!!". Like he can't believe his good fortune. LOL

Ugh, sorry about this post...blogger seems to be messing with me and putting hyper links in where none exist and not letting me type near blogger is NOT a fave this week! Hook me up with your faves...I'd love to see what made you smile this week!


Jocelyn said...

I think those are wonderful faves and so cute about Hubby! Have a great weekened!

Dena said...

I love the butterflies!!! Such a good romantic feeling to have huh :)

Your new car is ADORABLE. So very happy for you!

And cuppas. That is such a cute term LOL. I assume that means cup of coffee right.

Have a great weekend girl :)

pink4u said...

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your hubby.... :)
Love your new car and the kids are so adorable..
Have you seen the Clone Starwars Helmet that makes the kids voices change? Its so cool...I saw it on TV this morning!
Take Care!
Joanie :)

Nicole Aspinall said...

So sweet about the butterflies! I jumped on the friday faves bandwagon too! thanks for the idea, love it. x