Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Faves:-)

#1. Its been stinking hot, and I HATE HATE HATE summer. Hate. I am loving shirred cool summer dresses. Yes, I may look like a pregnant elephant when I wear them, but they are SO comfy and SO cool. #2 Stuvac! WOOT! I am LOVING being on leave from study! I haven't got to open a single book until the end of February! I don't have the constant nagging guilty feeling, and the sick feeling of dread whenever an assignment is due. I feel so FREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

#3 Kitten smell. Nat and I can smell it, and we love it....people tell us we are crazy...but I just love sniffing this little guy. (yeah, not good for the cat allergies...) Its a bit sad too, cause he is growing up, and losing his kitten smell. He's starting to smell like a cat some days, and thats not a good smell.
(Just quietly..I also love this photo. It cracks me up EVERY time! He was safe, and had plenty of air, and could even climb out of the huge hole on the side of the box...he was quite happy for Sam to carry him around in the box on and off for a few days LOL)

#4 *sigh* I gave into peer pressure and started reading the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I thought for the first chapter I was going to be able to snub the world and say
"eh, they are okay nothing special"
But I am hooked.
I stayed up till a stupid time last night reading, and have ordered the rest of the series into the library. I am also going to ask my mumsy to chase them down for me at HER library so they will be waiting for me to finish over the two week christmas break. (mumsy?!?!?)

#5, a housey type fave...I am loving my Tupperware Cheese Storer. Now that cheese is $10 a block, and my husband seems incapable of wrapping cheese so that it doesn't dry out and go yuck, its great to know I can use a whole block of cheese without throwing any out. Love it! thanks Clarey for hooking me up!

So, thats mine for the week...whats making you smile this week?


danndel said...

We have an old version of the cheese keeper and love it too!!

pink4u said...

HI Kirsty!!
I just read Twilight in one sitting nothing done all day!! But boy it was sooooo good. Going to start the next book this weekend..... :)
Love those flowing dresses especially when its so hot..We are just going into winter now so its finally getting cooler.
Love kitty and puppy smell..its so sweet!! Awe....

Have a great weekend!

jacqui jones said...

oooer i need a cheese keeper for the same reason!

u need to come live with me...its meant to be 11 today...i kid u not the third week of nov and all!!!its raining atm and looking more and more like a sit in front of the tv all day kind of day to me