Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Fire Gade Christmas Party

Yep, can you believe it??? A christmas party already! It was such a good night...they throw a really family friendly party. Santa comes with pressies and lollies. BBQ is cooked and supplied by the boys, the wives and kids just show up and have a good night:-)

Santa visited each of the little Pipers....first Charlotte (no there weren't creepy foam headed children there, I thought I had better blur out the faces of other people's kids so I don't offend or upset anyone) Then he visited Natalie..

And Sam was lucky last out of ALL the kids...and he was SO cute and little patiently waiting for his name to be called:-)

They each got a way cool Light Saber!

(I am so glad we got three instead of getting the girls something different, they haven't put them down yet!)

Playing 'Jedi Skum'. Apparently its their favourite game at the moment:-)
Boy oh boy, with my zoom lens I got to take some sneaky pics of my dreamy husband! I love him so:-)

And as if I needed more reasons to make my heart go pitter he is driving the fire truck to take Santa back home...

***insert my teenagey sounding giggle here***
So the silly season has started already it would seem! We have plans for next Saturday night...sheesh, that pretty much doubles our entire years worth of social occasions! LOL
Don't forget to vote for your fave scrapper over at Scraptac if you are eligible - some AMAZING entries again this week. There goes my hope that everyone would slack off this last week leaving me holding the Slice Machine LOL It was a cunning plan I thought, but alas, the girls have done amazingly AGAIN **sigh**


Chloe said...

Looks like you guys had a great night!

Don't be silly Kirsty! You rock! You are so in it!!!

foxylady said...

hate to tell you but Nat looks even MORE like you now..esp in those pics..and yes I was a bit scared tat there were creepy foam head children there...