Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ow my head hurts...

So um, yeah. I tried to get our Christmas card photo this morning. Not much luck really! Mick left the building shaking his head, not wanting anything to do with the whole circus LOL

This may be one of the good ones... It was hard to get one of everyone looking the same direction.

I really should have enlisted some help...

The little monkey's! (hmmm, maybe this next one isn't so bad either.

And then came the wild and crazy poses...

What's with the open mouth???

Poor Charli has a sty in her eye, so all the pics look like she is half asleep...

And then they roped the cat into the photo shoot.

He wasn't real excited about it.

But he is such a good sport. The kids were awful proud of themselves!

Maybe we will try again tomorrow???
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Sis in law Adele. Hope your day is wonderful, and that you enjoy the musical stylings of the Piper family singers on your answering machine!
I need a drink.


Kerryn said...

Oh Kirsty your kids are so super cute! We are attempting our christmas photo today - fingers crossed that works out!
Go mix yourself that drink - you deserve it!!! LOL it's before 12 so better make it a nice strong coffee!

danndel said...

Hey Kirsty, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes and I love the message on our answering machines, its been the highlight of my day. I'm saving it to play for Daniel when he gets home from work tonight!!!

Well done on the Christmas photo, I think they're all cute :)

Renee Dowling said...

Hi Kirsty,
These are all great shots, I like the top one the best too - the kids look like they all had a good time anyway!I havn't done my chrissy pics yet, I realy should get on to it..especially after seeing these one's!!!
Thanks for popping over and saying Hi.

Marisa said...

Your kids looked as if they had a ball, but I can just imagine how frustrated you were trying to get a photo. I like the first and the fourth photos the best but hey they are all great shots. It is great to see kids having so much fun.

Lauren said...

Cute pics! And funny too! I'm not game enough to do our photo shoot yet. The crazy cranky pregnant lady just can't handle it!!

Jocelyn said...

Great shots! We did the same thing and guess what, not one decent shot!!!!! Yours look so much better than mine! Have a great week!