Saturday, November 22, 2008

Totally Wicked Sneaks...

Okay, seriously....YUM! Looks at these gorgeous sneaks for Wicked Princesses December kits!
All those beautiful colours!!!!
And this is what I got yesterday in the post to play with:-)

It arrived at work, and my mean boss wouldn't let me leave early to go home and play with my kit...*heh*
The lady I work with, who isn't even a scrapper, kept looking through the papers and ooohing and aaaaahing.
They are gorgeous. And the itty bitty bingo card?!? So cute!
And the blog over there is looking great! A December OTP class with Marni coming up...

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Nicole Aspinall said...

oooh, you got a nice one! lucky duck! cant wait to see what you do with it! im a teeny bit stressed about my papers this month... eeek! way out of my comfort zone! should be a nice challenge. i have ordered both of these kits as well as the otp - way too gorgeous to resist this month!