Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sorry updates, I have had a rotten headache that has lasted two whole days. The only time it stopped hurting was yesterday when I took 2 Mersyndol and rendered myself unconscious for 3 hours LOL
I am hoping to be back with some more pics, and hopefully some scrapping tomorrow! Yep, the headache even sapped my will to scrap book. It was bad.


Dee said...

Awww poor you :(

Hate it when that happens....try massaging your neck, it helps my migraines.

Jodi said...

Kirsty, you poor thing!!! Im so sorry youve been sick!!!
Ive been the same this weekend... Done nothing but slept. Not a headaches, but i must hace something wrong!!! I dont sleep like this all the time.

Lauren said...

Oh that is no good. Migraines are just the worst. Hope you feel better tomorrow after a big nights sleep. :)

Sonia said...

i have been having shicking headaches too, so i can sympathise :( hope you are back to your scrapping self soon :)

I just realise you have Nat (happy daks) on your blog list... she's an EB chook too, her work is gorgeous isn't it!!

Chloe said...

Oh Kirsty! I can totally sympathise! I'm out with the flu atm and it totally sucks! I'm having a hard time getting my scrapping done for SYTYCS. Hope you're having better luck! Get better soon!

Kerryn said...

:( No scrapping too! Sometimes life just is so kind LOL. Hope you feel better soon chickie.