Saturday, November 15, 2008

I got tagged:-)

By the loveley Lauren!

I think i need to list 6 facts about myself...I'm pretty boring, but here goes...

#1 I am the eldest of 5 children. And actually the coolest.... (*heh* I know they read here and will deny this, but its true...its on the internet now it MUST be true)

#2 I am really bad with knives and with ovens. I worked in a deli for about 6 years, and was constantly getting burned or cut.
My family's favourite knife story is about the time when me and my brothers and sisters were sent out to dinner at Sizzler, I was cutting a peach in half with one of their steak knives and cut my finger.
I left Sizzler (after pumping blood everywhere..yeah it was pumping, not just bleeding) with my hand wrapped in ice and a garbage bag. Good times...

#3 I am terrified of mice. Terrified. About 4 years ago we had a horrible mouse plague in town. It was awful. I was finding dead mice everywhere...ICK
The kids still talk about the time mummy jumped up on the table screaming because she saw a mouse.

#4 I am horribly claustrophobic. I can't stand it even when Mick hugs me with my face up close to his chest. I had a MASSIVE panice attack once in a traffic jam on the toll bridge in Brisbane. I hate to feel like I am trapped.

#5 I love the High School Musical movies. They rock...thats all.

#6 I used to be a teacher. I am again back at uni studying my 4th year of teaching so that I can go back to it...Its stupid, I can't teach any more because I am only 3 year university trained and only taught for 6 years before going on maternity leave...Ah well, gives me another couple of years at home with my boy:-)

So thats me! Not terribly exciting, but maybe you know something about me that you didn't before.

I really can't decide who I want to learn more about...I tag let me know if you answer so I can come and visit and read about your quirky self!


Lauren said...

Thanks for playing along. I don't like mice much either but since being on the farm I am happy to set the trap and catch the little devils.

Chloe said...

Thanks for sharing your fun quirks - got your journalling done for Round 11 now!!!

I don't mind mice... I even had a pet rat a few years back! They're actually quite sweet when they are tame. Feral ones do scare me a tad b/c they look so evil and get into everything!

danndel said...

Hey Lovely SIL, you are SO NOT boring!!! I've answered, took awhile to think of 6 things that could be vaguely interesting to know!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, i was thinking the same as Chloe - you have perfect journalling for the Semi's!!

Have added you to my blog list so even after SYTYCS I can keep in touch... hope that is ok!