Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The new car

Here tis....

I have had several family members call/text/email requesting pics of the newest member of our family;-)

So here he is. A 2007 model Toyota Camry. It has 10 000km on it, so its pretty much the newest car we have ever owned. It even has a new car smell...although I can't imagine that lasting much beyond our first trip to Ballina...soon it will start to be 'Piper - ified' and smell like old Maccas and smelly socks. Just quick shots on the way to taking the kids to school this morning. Mick arrived home yesterday afternoon as a surprise (YAY!) But kept inventing excuses to take the car for a drive...I think he likes his new toy.

A very roomy back seat. The car seat is usually in the middle to stop the girls killing each other.

A functioning CD player. NOICE

Cup holders...

So thats it!!!


Jacki said...

ooohhh PURTY!!!
I love it, so swish and sleek looking... my pulsar is very jealous!

Dee said...

ooooh nice!

(ps, thats the same car exactly that hit mine!)