Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My oh so glamorous Melbourne Cup plans..

Are, well, cancelled. LOL

Probably not so much glamorous plans, but there was going to be champagne, and a frock, and hats...and no kids. But, plans are made to be broken...or is that rules?? Anyways, when I went to organise the girls for school this morning, Charlotte announced she was sick. So she was staying at home. When I went to drop Nat off she got very pale, and started feeling dizzy. So she is at home too. So bye bye grown up plans...hello nursing duty;-)

Weeeeelll....maybe not so much nursing as chief DVD changer and drink fetcher. And there really are only so many times I can change a DVD, so in the midst of my motherly nursing duties, I am starting on my 'December Daily Album' ala Ali Edwards.
I am scouring my stash to find anything Christmassey, as my challenge for this project is to use up what I have on hand. No new purchases (although I must admit there are a few new christmas purchases in my room from previous weeks). I am not even buying a new binder for the project. I am going to be using packaging from other bits and pieces for my covers and just use those ring thingys...you know what I am talking about...

I am excited to do this! I think it is perfect for this years christmas. We are going to go away for a few weeks, so I will be away from my supplies, and this will ensure that our christmas activities get recorded and remembered whilst we are away. All it will need will be photos (to be taken daily) and journalling (to be written daily)
I am even thinking of making the kids their own journal. How cool would it be to have this magical time of the year remembered in their own words and their own photos....Hmmm, maybe I am getting ahead of myself. I haven't even started mine, and my desk looks like this...

Its a creative mess I tell you! A creative mess!


foxylady said...

well nothing like glamorous mother plans...trust me as you say they are made to be broken. I think you could still do the heels, champagne and hat and watch it on the telly..O YEAH

Kerryn said...

oh poor chickies, they do look miserable. hope they're feeling better soon :).

Lauren said...

Bummer about the cup plans. Hope the girls are better soon. Love the journal idea - have fun with that!!