Monday, November 10, 2008

Goodbye Car...

Its been a good car...admittedly a Ford, but still a good car;-)

The kids were devastated when they realised that buying a new car meant saying goodbye to the old one. And well, I was kind of sad too...until I got a whiff of that new car smell! So here are some bits and pieces of our old car...

Our broken centre console bit...Mick managed to find that top bit on Friday afternoon just before we left and carefully placed it on top of the gaping hole. It has been broken for about 2 years, and we didn't fix it...but it sure looked fixed when the sales man looked inside!

The back seat...I am not going to even mention what was under the car seats...mostly cause I have absolutely no idea what some of the 'things' even were. I believe there was a mummifies peach stuck to the seat...nothing a few baby wipes couldn't handle...what the heck so they put in those things any way?!?!?
Ahhhh, my plastic faux wood grain. What can I say???

 Probably should also mention the time Sam jammed a biro into the ignition trying to 'start' the car. Pliers and one irate mummy later...we were only 45 minutes late for play group!
Hah...the drivers side sun flap doodad. Filled with $0.05 coins by Charlotte and a friends little boy while his mum and I were inside having cuppas. Every time it moved it rattled...and I thought of those two monkeys and smiled;-)

The CD player. Hasn't worked for about 5 years. It too is filled with loose change that some small child thought should be squirelled away for a rainy day...whoever buys this car is sitting on a FORTUNE!!!!!

My first 'bingle' in this car involved a very narrow garage a cement post and my rear view mirror...ahhh good times.
My last 'bingle'. Only this week...involving the garage (again) and me yelling at Sam whilst reversing. I am NOT as good at multi tasking as I think I am.

I should probably also reminisce about the fact that when the keys got locked into the boot RACQ or Mick had to be called as there was NO WAY to get them out without removing the cargo barrier...and a LOT of swearing.

Our power windows were unusable. We could never predict when they would be able to be put back up again. Many trips involved children winding down their windows and then having to suffer a trip with the wind blowing in their faces cause they died....Charlotte thought it prudent to mention this to the car salesman. Luckily he was 65, and had already moved onto talking about wheels...he just smiled and said "yes darling I think the wheels do work"...he can't say we didn't warn him!!!!!!!!!!!!
So goodbye car. So many memories, so many quirks. We will kind of miss you...but are enjoying having a functioning CD player and windows that go up and down!!!
Oh yeah...we ended up trading up to a 2007 Toyota Camry. Only 10000km and been on the road since Jan this year. Its silver and had cup holders...

And I am just waiting to discover all of its little quirks and to creating lots more fun family memories with it!!!


Chloe said...

How very exciting! We got a new car recently too - our old one sounds very similar to your Ford! The passenger didn't even lock... and surpsise surprise no-one even attempted to steal it!

Enjoy your new car and it's new car smell!

So truly glad you made the deadline for SYTYCS! Your work is amazing (and I'm not just saying that!). Goodluck this week... I'll be voting for ya!

foxylady said...

well so many memories AND money..maybe the kids are old enough now that your money does NOT have to go inside the car.. I want to see photos of the new car WEITH cup holders